Geek Capital

Geek Capital aims to be one of the leading fundamental equity investment managers in the world. We are a pioneer in the application of big data, artificial intelligence and the latest technology to the investment decision making process. Our investment performance is driven purely by factual data, balanced and consistent interpretations and rational analysis

Big Data

We only deal with factual data to cut through layers of misinterpretation. We consider information from financial markets, macroeconomics, industries, companies and others

Artificial Intelligence

Our machines reflect a massive team of brilliant equity analysts and perfect portfolio managers. Thousands of stocks are thoroughly analysed using advanced econometric algorithms and portfolios are constructed after rigorously evaluating our best investment ideas in a coherent portfolio context

Investment process

Our mission is to get as close as possible to the optimum investment process which maximises actual performance


Our founders bring together excellent track records in investment management and information technology. Their shared passion, open mindset and strong work ethic enable them to interconnect their expertise and build Geek Capital

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